Use Nail Wraps for an Easy Homecoming Manicure

If you’re running short on time, or want a super cute and unique manicure for homecoming, you might want to try out nail wraps. Nail wraps are super easy to apply and come in all sorts of patterns and designs. The best part? You can have a super unique manicure without the price of a manicure.

Here are some of our favorite nail wraps:

Vixen Nail Wrap • Nasty Gal

Chevron Nail Wrap • ASOS

Black and White 3D Nail Art • ASOS

En Vogue Nail Wrap • Miss KL

Pink Macaroon French Manicure • ULTA

Push-Up Nail Strips •

Essie Nail Stickers • Macy’s

Would you wear nail wraps to homecoming, or would you just prefer to get a traditional manicure?

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