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How to Recreate Cinderella’s Makeup Look

Cinderella Makeup Tutorial


Homecoming (and prom) is your opportunity to dress like the princess you’ve always wanted to be. If Cinderella is your favorite princess, here’s an easy tutorial that will help you achieve her look in no time.

While the Disney Princess Palette has sold out, the Cinderella Lip Gloss is still available for purchase.

Instead, use these items to recreate the look above:

Cinderella Makeup Necessities


Physician’s Formula Nude Collection Palette – $11.99 // Pale Pink Lipstick – $6.99 // Cinderella Lip Gloss – $14.95 // No7 Black Liquid Eye Liner – $8.99 // MAC False Eyelashes – $16 //  Blue Eye Shadow – $3.99

Makeup Fun: Turquoise Eye Liner for Green Eyes

Turquoise eye liner for green eyes

Do you have green eyes? We love this tip we just found on Pinterest for how to bring out the green and add a bit of pizazz.

Adding turquoise eye liner or eye shadow will really make your eyes sparkle at homecoming (or anytime)!

We found Stila Waterproof Eye Liner in Sparkling Turquoise at Sephora for $13.

We’re sure this look would be great for other eye colors as well, or you could always play around with other shades of colorful eye liner to see what works best for you!

Use Nail Wraps for an Easy Homecoming Manicure

If you’re running short on time, or want a super cute and unique manicure for homecoming, you might want to try out nail wraps. Nail wraps are super easy to apply and come in all sorts of patterns and designs. The best part? You can have a super unique manicure without the price of a manicure.

Here are some of our favorite nail wraps:

Vixen Nail Wrap • Nasty Gal

Chevron Nail Wrap • ASOS

Black and White 3D Nail Art • ASOS

En Vogue Nail Wrap • Miss KL

Pink Macaroon French Manicure • ULTA

Push-Up Nail Strips •

Essie Nail Stickers • Macy’s

Would you wear nail wraps to homecoming, or would you just prefer to get a traditional manicure?

How to Create a Blue Smoky Eye for Homecoming

Blue Smoky Eye for Homecoming


We know it’s not for everyone, but would you consider doing a blue smoky eye for homecoming? It would look beautiful with almost any dress color, but it’s certainly not for the makeup faint of heart!

To replicate this blue smoky eye you’ll want to start out with a base color. In this example they’re using a color slightly darker than the woman’s natural skin tone, and filling it in up to the woman’s brow bone. Then, fill in your eyelid with black eyeliner, and use a brush to smudge and diffuse the color a bit. Go over your eyelid with your favorite blue eyeshadow, making sure to blend. (The eyeliner on your eyelid is going to help make the color pop but is also working as an eyeshadow base!) Finally, line your eyes with the same black liner and apply some mascara.

Here are all of the items you’ll need to complete a bold blue smokey eye for homecoming, and you can find them all at your local Walgreens!

Blue Smoky Eye for Homecoming

1. Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow – $7.99

2. Maybelline Quad Eyeshadow – $4.99

3. 12 Piece Brush Set – $12

4. Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil – $3.67


What do you think? Is this bold blue smoky eye something you’ll try for homecoming?