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Prom Nails

Prom Nails: Pink, Gold, and White

Pink and gold nails for prom


We found this gorgeous manicure on the Amkuch15 Instagram account and we’re a huge fan. Wouldn’t this be a gorgeous prom manicure? (It would look beautiful with the gold and pink homecoming look we posted a couple of weeks ago, too!)

She notes that she uses China Glaze Bottoms Up as the pink color, which you can find at ULTA.

Here are some gold glitter nail polish options that will help you recreate the gold glitter accent nail and gold stripes:



Here are some white nail polish options:


Do you love this manicure as much as we do?

Homecoming Manicure: Recreate Your Dress Design

homecoming nails


I found this fun manicure from Rebecca Likes Nails on Pinterest, and while this looks like a wedding manicure you could easily adjust it for a fun homecoming or prom manicure!

If you have a homecoming date you could do something similar to the manicure above, and recreate your date’s tux and your dress. Or, you could just do an accent nail that looks like your dress. Then, the rest of your nails can be painted a color that will complement the rest of your outfit.

What do you think of this fun manicure?

Prom Nails: Rainbow Glitter Manicure

gray nail polish with rainbow glitter

The Nailasauras featured this fantastic rainbow glitter manicure that we thought would look fab with so many different prom dresses! While we love the gray background, the rainbow glitter would look fantastic on nearly any nail polish color. The Nailasaurus mentioned that she used a sponge to apply the glitter polish to her tips, which is probably how she got a more concentrated glitter look than what a brush alone would do.

Looking to create your own rainbow glitter manicure? Here are a few rainbow glitter nail polish options: